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iAccount Services (HK) Limited is a partner of iAccount Services (PH) Inc. iACHK remittance services will assist in receiving funds via:

• Local Bank Transfer
• Worldwide Partners

iACPH will be the distributing arm of iACHK in the Philippines, catering to Filipino customers.


iAccount Services (HK) Limited is licensed with a Monetary Service Operator (MSO) license by the Hong Kong financial authorities.(Please click here to know more about Hong Kong MSO License)

iAccount Services (PH) Inc. is licensed by the Central Bank of the Philippines. (Please click here to know more about Central Bank of the Philippines)

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Anti-Money Laundering Act

Anti-Terrorist Financing Law


iAccount Services (PH) Inc. partners with Philippine local banks, remittance agents and card providers in the distribution of remittances in the Philippines.

iAccount Services (PH) Inc. continuous to increase the number of its partners in the country to provide the best service possible to its users.